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Student Visa                           


The Law Firm student Counselors help the applicants for selection of the education stream, university, college, location in line with the education and interest of the applicant as well as current and future market after the completion of the course.

The Counselors are trained to evaluate the present academic qualifications, emotional intelligence, language requirements of the applicant.
The Law Firm accepts application for extension of visitor visa.

The Law Firm has many students studying abroad in countries like United States Of America | United Kingdom | Canada | New Zealand | Australia | Germany | Russia | France | China | Poland | Lithuania | Malaysia | Singapore and other Schengen countries.
The Law Firm student Counselor guides the students for availing admission in Bachelor (Under Graduate) and Masters (Graduate) Courses in varied subjects like Engineering, Computers, Science, Technology, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Business, Nursing and many more.

You can schedule a consultation by calling 91 – 94260 22879, email: info@thelawfirm.in or with our online consultation form.

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